Monday, August 23, 2010

Free Flash Rollovers

Here's a little app I made. It's in extreme beta (which means it could break and blow up with no provocation), but the price is right. Instructions below.


millysecond said...

Hi Dave, I've used your tool for buttons on screen and it works fine, but am trying to insert a swf nav menu vertical, into the presenter panel in articulate.

All I get is the loading screen. If I put a different swf in the panel it works fine, suggesting there may be something in the sfw's your tool generates.

Any thoughts on how to fix it? I did read somewhere that the presenter panel does not accept swf's with only one frame, could this be the issue?

Much appreciate any help:)

millysecond said...

Hi there again. The tool actually does work in the presenter panel, but on the first slide, the loading screen displays. If u delete the first screen, the problem just moves to the next slide.

See thread developing here:

Anything you can do to help would be brilliant, extending the tool to create graphic based menus in the presenter panel would be an awesome enhancement. Thanks again:)